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'PACK' is a gritty 7-part comic book series that tells the tale of a gang of dogs who vigilantly prowl the mean streets of Brooklyn, New York City, where gentrification is king, corruption runs deep, and the only real way to stay safe is to assume that everyone is on the take. Well, there’s a blurry line between hero and villain in these dark days, and according to the PACK, their way is the only way!

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Scifi Pulse: the latest comics, sci-fi tv & movie newsONESHI PRESS LAUNCHES SECOND IN VIGILANTE DOGS COMIC SERIES: “PACK #2: KINDNESS”!

“Independent publisher Oneshi Press is proud to release the second issue of its gritty comic book series about the six stray stray dogs—and one stray man—who put crime under the fang! In PACK #2: Kindness, the PACK is back.”

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The Pack is back in Pack #2: Kindess from Oneshi PressPress release for PACK #2 published on Major Spoilers!

“I’m so excited to see Kindness’s story out in the world,” says Oneshi Press co-founder and PACK writer Lynsey G. “Pit bulls suffer from discrimination against their breed, and sometimes that leads to truly dark situations. Their stories are important, and we’re ready to tell it”

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Our 2nd Sweet Review for PACK #1!

We got a second review of PACK #1: Humility, and we're stoked about it. Here you can check out the sample, and see what CBAMR had to say about PACK: "A costumed crime-fighter who prowls the mean streets of Brooklyn with his army of six stray dogs. Yes. That’s correct. I said dogs. Want to know more?"

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Our 1st review of PACK 1: Humility!

"Pack is really cool and I had a lot of fun reading it. The story was gripping, the art was great to look at. I think this will turn out to be a great series. Whether you like dogs, vigilantes, dogs, government, dogs, politics, or dogs, this book is worth a read." - Aaron Iara, For the Love of Indie. Read the full article here

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