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PACK is a vigilante-noir urban-drama comic book about 6 stray dogs and their stray man. Together, they roam the streets of Brooklyn, dishing out their version of justice as they put bad guys under the fang. But good and bad aren’t so easily defined, and crime doesn’t stop at the street level.

The PACK Theme Song

Theme song for the PACK comic book written and composed by David David Gueringer of Next Arc Studios for Oneshi Press. PACK is about 6 stray dogs and their stray man who roam the streets defending the innocent tooth and nail. They discover that good and bad is not black and white and the lines continue to blur.

Meet Keatus

A Brooklyn native in a time of upheaval and change, Keatus shares some insights about the developments in his neighborhood including the rise of the PACK

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Brooklyn Sunday Newsprint, newspaper logo

Borough President Sally Huffman Sics Task Force Muzzle on “the Pack”

By Elle Farthing, Brooklyn Sunday Newsprint correspondent

Brooklyn Borough President and state senate hopeful Sally Huffman announced the formation of “Task Force Muzzle” at a press conference yesterday afternoon. The task force, comprised of members of the Brooklyn Police Department with oversight from the borough president’s office, will tackle what Huffman called the “out of control” feral dog population in Brooklyn.

The move comes after a BKPD officer was rumored to have leveled a firearm at a crowd of bystanders during what Huffman called a “standoff” between police and a group of stray dogs. Though the BKPD has made no official statement about the incident, the showdown seems to have occurred at a demolition site, where an incoming FoodHoles grocery store will replace an historic residential building. The dogs may have been inside the condemned building, seeking shelter from the summer heat.

Brooklyn Borough President Sally Huffman giving a speech

Speculation among residents is that the dogs—none of which were captured by City Animal Control—may have been “the pack,” a group of stray dogs that have become local celebrities. Locals tell the Brooklyn Sunday Newsprint these dogs have become vigilantes, taking out violent criminals around the neighborhood.

At yesterday’s press conference, Borough President Huffman said, “These animals may be carrying dangerous diseases, putting our communities at serious risk.” But several residents the Sunday Newsprint spoke with saw them differently. 

Brooklyn Sunday newsprint photo of local convenience store owner, Carlos Detrés and his wife Juanita

“Huffman doesn’t know this neighborhood,” said Patrick Coleman, who lives a few blocks away from the demolition site. “She says these dogs are going to hurt us, but they’re the only ones out here trying to protect the folks who live here.”

“The cops don’t care about this neighborhood. That is, till the rent skyrockets and upscale chain stores move in—then the cops are suddenly interested,” Carlos Detrés, who lives and works in the area, told the Sunday Newsprint. “But I saw the pack take down a mugger a few weeks ago outside the bodega. Cops never would have responded to that call.”

Some members of the community have started displaying “Pack Prints”—paw print signs hung in windows, doorways, and alleys with bowls of water and dog food. But City Animal Control has issued a statement pleading with local residents to bring the food back inside: “So-called ‘Pack Prints’ are feeding grounds for pigeons, rats, and raccoons. Rather than helping stray dogs, leaving food out serves as a vector for disease and infestations of lice, fleas, and roaches,” the statement warned.

Brooklyn Sunday Newsprint Photo of PACK paw Print sign in a bodega window with a bowl of dog food set out front

Other residents agree with Huffman and Animal Control that the pack needs to be taken off the streets. “I think it’s well past time for Task Force Muzzle,” said Summer LaCrosse, whose condominium building across from the FoodHoles site is a new addition to the neighborhood. “I don’t feel safe knowing that this pack of dogs is prowling around, attacking people they don’t like. What if they decide they don’t like me?”

Rumors have swirled for months that, at crime scenes where the pack is suspected of attacking, the dogs may have partially devoured their victims. The BPD has not responded to these rumors. 

“I don’t care if you’re on your way to yoga class or holding up the liquor store,” said local resident Aldous Watson. “Nobody deserves to get eaten by stray dogs in a dark alley. Period! Task Force Muzzle has my support”

illustration of TarMucks corporate coffee franchise and foodholes corporate grocery store franchise in a rapidly gentrifying brooklyn neighborhood

This area of Brooklyn has been in flux for the past few years, as new, high-end chain stores and boutique bars have moved in where flagging infrastructure, food deserts, and run-down buildings once stood. Though the local community has offered protests over the rising housing prices and cost of living, Borough President Huffman has taken credit for these changes in her state senate campaign. At the press conference yesterday, Huffman said she’s made it her goal to “elevate [this part of Brooklyn] to a safe and prosperous community.” 

Task Force Muzzle, if successful in bringing the pack to heel, would likely garner her support from the corporations and real estate developers who are moving into the area, as well as many new residents. 

Brooklyn Sunday Newsprint, newspaper footer

Vigilante Dogs:

PACK comic book issues 1-3 covers
PACK - vigilante character group shots
PACK - Patience and Temperance investigate
PACK - humility returns after a meal
Pack - Patience and his dogs shadowy silhouettes attacking muggers
PACK - muggers get taken down
PACK - humility returns after a meal

PACK is a costumed crime-fighter, vigilante justice comic book about a pack of six stray dogs—and one stray man—who put crime under the fang.

Brooklyn is a place where corruption runs deep, and the only way to stay safe is to assume everyone is on the take. That’s why, on such lawless streets, these pups see it as their duty to protect the innocent. So Patience and the dogs of virtue, each with their own history of trauma and redemption, prowl the darkest alleys of the Brooklyn night and enforce their own brutal justice, showing zero tolerance for abuse of the innocent. In these dark times, the line between hero and villain is blurred. But to the PACK it’s simple: theirs is the only acceptable violence. And their retribution is as swift as it is fierce.

Still, their vigilantism draws attention from the wrong places. Politicians, police, and press start to close in. And soon, one rookie cop must try to draw a line between right and wrong before it’s too late…

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