Character Bios

The members of the PACK all have pasts…

Carla Maria Hamilton - Human Cop Character Bio Pic

Carla Maria Hamilton:

Breed: Human. Cop.
Age: 36yrs.
Weight: 138 lbs
Height: 63″
Eyes: Hazel

Officer Carla Maria Hamilton has been on the streets of Brooklyn as a beat cop for almost ten years. Before that, she was the daughter of a lifelong cop who taught her about the realities of the job. Suffice it to say, she’s seen some things. Not just violent crime, or her fellow officers being injured and killed on the job. She’s seen the way that power and money stay at the top, only trickling down to the streets when it suits the people who pull the strings. She may be cynical, but she lives to serve and protect…and to crack a few good-hearted jokes at her partner, rookie James MacHaggert’s, expense.


Breed: Mastiff
Age: Approx. 4 yrs.
Weight: 225 lbs
Height: 32″ to shoulder
Eyes: Brown

What Chastity lacks in personal initiative she more than makes up for in execution as she follows the PACK’s lead. Her immunity to pain, caused by a head injury, combined with her immense size and crushing strength make her, essentially, the PACK’s enforcer. Formerly a drug mule for an international drug cartel, she was shot in the head by a corrupt narcotics officer—Vincent—when something went awry as he was in the process of taking his cut. As things fell apart, Vincent turns on Patrick, the K-9 handler on the scene who’s police dog Liberty managed to escape and rescued Chastity. Shortly thereafter, the two injured dogs were discovered and taken in by the PACK.


Breed: Eastern Wolf
Age: Approx. 6yrs.
Weight: 95 lbs
Height: 26″ to shoulder
Eyes: Ochre

Stern, unyielding, and slightly unhinged, Diligence keeps order in the PACK and strictly enforces her own particular code of ethics. Her origins are unknown, even within the PACK—all that is clear is that she has been with Patience for longer than any of the other dogs. Patience and Diligence are so close that they often seem to move in unison, acting on the same unspoken impulses.


Breed: Mutt/Mixed
Age: Approx. 3yrs.
Weight: 25 lbs
Height: 13″ to shoulder
Eyes: Brown

Much larger in spirit than in body, Humility is the PACK’s front runner and erstwhile spokesperson, although he was the last member to join its ranks. Often leading the charge into dangerous situations, he never backs down from a fight, especially when he causes them. Humility, the unwanted offspring of a purebred English Bull Terrier and a neighbor’s unruly Chihuahua, was thrown into the East River by a backyard breeder along with the rest of his “tainted” litter. When Patience and the rest of the PACK dragged them out, Humility was the only surviving pup. He has formed a special relationship with Chastity, often using her as a step stool and/or steed.

James MacHaggert - Cop | PACK comic Character Bio

James MacHaggert:

Breed: Human. Cop.
Age: 32 yrs.
Weight: 205 lbs
Height: 74″
Eyes: Brown

Ever the Boy Scout, James MacHaggert is a good cop, through and through. Incorruptible and always by the book. Just like the rest of the First Precinct, he’s out to arrest the lawless vigilante Patience who runs with a pack of vicious dogs who have doled out brutal justice around Brooklyn. MacHaggert’s values are called into question, however, when he realizes that Patience may not be the villain he’s made out to be, while corruption is lurking in the shadows of his own precinct, not to mention the politicians who run the show.


Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Age: Approx. 5yrs.
Weight: 65 lbs
Height: 20″ to shoulder
Eyes: Brown (left)/Blue (right)

Though Kindness’s disposition is usually sweet and mild, the scars on his head and body—along with his occasional outburst of extreme viciousness against anyone who would hurt the innocent—give away his past as a fighting dog. He was raised by a loving family until adulthood, when he was kidnapped, starved, beaten, and forced to fight for his life in underground dog fights. Having known only love at the hands of his family, Kindness could not stand this violent new life, and eventually took his righteous anger out on his new owner. Lost and injured, Kindness was found by Patience on the street and taken into the PACK.

Keatus - Human Civilian Character Bio Pic


Breed: Human. Civilian.
Age: 12yrs.
Weight: 70 lbs
Height: 54″
Eyes: Brown

Keatus loves video games, Minimon, and anything Children of Gaia related, just like most kids in his rough neighborhood in Brooklyn. The past year has been tough for him, after his father—Officer Patrick Fitzgerald of the First Precinct of the Brooklyn Police Department—was killed in a drug raid gone wrong. His heartbroken mother hasn’t been around very much since the accident, and the other cops from the precinct have tried to take his father’s place, but Keatus isn’t sure he trusts the boys in blue like he used to.


Breed: German Shepard
Age: Approx. 5yrs.
Weight: 105 lbs
Height: 27″ to shoulder
Eyes: Brown

Disciplined, principled, and highly intelligent, Liberty was trained as Narcotics K-9 Unit Dog at an early age and took his work as an upholder of the law very seriously. When he discovered that his human partner, Vincent, was taking a cut from an international drug-smuggling ring and, worse, that the cut he took was made on the bodies of innocent dogs, he was crushed. He turned on Vincent when he saw his former commanding officer shoot Chastity in the head, then rescued the Mastiff. Patience found him struggling to pull her from the East River and added both him and Chastity to the PACK.


Breed: Human. Vigilante.
Age: 35-ish yrs.
Weight: 175 lbs
Height: 71″
Eyes: Hazel

Little is known about the origins of the masked vigilante who calls himself Patience. It is believed that he lives on the streets of Brooklyn as a member of a PACK of stray dogs. He considers himself to be a hero despite his depraved disregard for the law and the extreme violence he and his PACK-mates hand out to petty criminals. His developing M.O. is condemned by almost as many as those who celebrate him as the back-alley guardian of Brooklyn.

Sally Huffman:

Breed: Human. Politician.
Age: 52 yrs.
Weight: 145 lbs
Height: 67″
Eyes: Brown

In it to win it, the unscrupulous Sally Huffman will do anything it takes to advance her political career, regardless of how many lives are left ruined in her wake. As Brooklyn Borough President and an aspiring state senator, she’s got her hands in quite a few pockets and is willing to pull strings to keep them there, even if those strings mean plunging her constituency into chaos.


Breed: Blue Dane
Age: Approx. 5yrs.
Weight: 210 lbs
Height: 39″ to shoulder
Eyes: Blue

Extremely intelligent, somewhat withdrawn and sometimes rigid, Temperance is something of a mystery to the Pack. He bears a technological device implanted into the back of his head, the purpose of which is unknown. It doesn’t seem to hurt him, however, and he will not allow anyone to tamper with it—not even Patience, who found him wandering the back alleys of Redhook, Brooklyn, and won him over with a few scraps and some kind words. He was a late addition to the PACK, and now exists as something of a loner within its ranks.

Vincent marcello - Bad Cop - PACK Character Bio

Vincent Marcello:

Breed: Human. Cop.
Age: 47 yrs.
Weight: 205 lbs
Height: 72″
Eyes: Brown

On old-school Brooklyn cop with a bad attitude, Vincent used to be a K-9 Unit officer. Since his canine partner turned on him during a drug bust gone wrong, he’s been working as a beat cop. Rumor has it he’s been connected with more than one questionable interaction with known criminals, and the scars he bears from the dog attack don’t do much to put those rumors to bed. Chances are, he’s found a way to get his hands into as many pockets as possible to supplement his meager income as an officer of the law.

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