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PACK comicbook by Oneshi Press is proud  to show off the credits of creators as well as our growing team. The amount of combined professional experience in our raster is staggering so we’ll only be listing the most pertinent experiences of team member.  Please be sure to subscribe to our Patreon Campaign to get a slew of awesome perks while helping to keep our growing team fed, and get tons of great perks including works-in-progress, a high res copy of each new page as it’s available, one-offs, and more!

Oneshi Press Founders working on PACK:

Author Lynsey G's Bio pic

Lynsey G

Co-creator of Oneshi Press (contributor/co-writer of Children of Gaia, writer and co-creator of Tracy Queen and PACK, editor of Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia), Lynsey G. started writing young and never stopped. Her primary focus is on the congruent corners of adult entertainment, gender, and feminism. Her work across multiple genres has appeared in Glamour, Men’s Health, MEL Magazine, Bust MagazineBitch Magazine, Refinery29, Luna Luna Magazine, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, and elsewhere. She was the curator of a one-woman video art exhibit apexart in New York City in 2012, for which she created four short documentary films about modern Americans’ relationships with pornography, one of which won a 2013 Feminist Porn Award. Please feel free to contact her by e-mail at, on Facebook at, or on Twitter at @misslagsalot, especially if you’re interested in publicizing, representing, or distributing any of Oneshi’s projects!

Jayel Draco

Co-creator of Oneshi Press (co-creator/writer of Children of Gaia, illustrator/designer & co-creator of Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia, Tracy Queen, and PACK) is a multi-disciplinary visual artist who graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in 2003 with a BFA in Illustration. For over a decade, he has done freelance work as an art director, illustrator, animator, graphic designer, VFX technician, and web designer on a variety of multimedia projects. His animation work for Wagner’s Die Walküre (conducted by James Levine and directed by Robert LePage) was shown at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, and his animation work for Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men (written by Joss Whedon, illustrated by John Cassaday, and directed by Neal Adams) was projected onto the side of a building in Union Square at MarvelFest. He recently left a four-year stint of working at Neal Adams Continuity Studios as a web designer, animator, and VFX technician to focus on developing Oneshi Press. Jayel continues to work with Continuity Studios along with a plethora of other clients on a freelance basis to help support Oneshi Press’s developement.

Oneshi Press Collaborators working on PACK:

Chris Covelli

Co-creator/writer of Children of Gaia, Chris Covelli also provides digital pre-visualization for several Oneshi Press projects, including Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia, Tracy Queen, and PACK. With over a decade of experience in the 3d animation/VFX industry, Chris has provided freelance professional work on advertisements for American Express, Coca Cola, Crayola, Newsday, and many others. Chris has also done 3d work on independent films including The Last Winter, Sleep Dealer, and Danny and the Wild Bunch. Currently, Chris works as a Senior Modeler at DHX Media on Nickelodeon’s children’s series Blaze and the Monster Machines. Check out Chris’s online portfolio at

Peter Lampasona

Contributor/co-writer of Children of Gaia and a salesman type, Peter Lampasona also provides fight choreography and consultation for several Oneshi Press projects, including Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia, Tracy Queen, and PACK. Peter is best known for writing about the world of sports, where people harm one another. Peter has contributed to publications such as MMAMania, The Fight Nerd, and US Combat Sports; worked on production for the now defunct Spike TV shows MMA Uncensored Live and the Unrivaled documentary series; appeared in the New York Mixed Martial Arts documentary sporting an, in retrospect, ridiculous haircut; and has a competitive record that really is better than what Google says, due to the officially unofficial nature of amateur sport fighting in New York during his athletic prime.

Cardinal Rae

Cardinal Rae is a letterer and designer with Fenix Works, Inc. who has worked for DC Comics, Papercutz, and other comics publishers. She has Lettered for both Tracy Queen, PACK, and Mr. Guy: Act I – Arc I, as well as provided beta-reads for Children of Gaia.

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Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba

Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba is a freelance comic book page flatter. He has provided flats for both Tracy Queen, PACK, COG: Refuge, and Mr. Guy: Act I – Arc I.


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