Team Credits

The amount of combined skill and experience on the PACK roster is staggering! Find out all the details about each member of the team below.

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Oneshi Press Founders working on PACK:

lynsey g

Lynsey G

Lynsey G (she/they), multi-award-winning writerly type, is a co-founder of Oneshi Press—an indie publisher of comics, graphic novels, and illustrated books—along with Jayel Draco. She is the author of the secks-positive graphic novel Tracy Queen, the vigilante-dogs-noir comic series PACK, the IPPY Award–winning memoir Watching P(o)rn, quite a few published (and many unpublished) poems and short stories, and dozens of articles about sexuality for outlets like Rolling Stone, Glamour, Playboy, Allure, Bitch Media, and more. She’s also a creative contributor and editor on the sci-fi-fantasy series Children of Gaia and the zom-com caper Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, the creator of the Zombie Adoption Program, the co-host of the HourGasm podcast (with Lenny Peppers), and an award-winning documentary filmmaker (Consent: Society, 2013 Feminist P(o)rn Award). Lynsey is a huge sci-fi and fantasy nerd, an avid fan of all things spooky, a veggiesaurus, and a double Aquarius. Learn more at LynseyG.com.

Jayel Draco

Jayel Draco (he/they) is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and storyteller. Along with Lynsey G, he is the co-founder of Oneshi Press. As the co-creator of the epic sci-fi-fantasy series Children of Gaia (COG), he wrote and illustrated COG: The Great Nations of Rendaraia and co-illustrated COG: War & Horses. He has also worked on several short COG comics, with many more COG projects lined up. He’s the co-creator and illustrator of both Tracy Queen and PACK, two comic book series written by Lynsey G. He is the writer, designer, and lead illustrator of the zom-com caper comic book Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter.

While studying at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, where he received his BFA in illustration in 2003, he began his 20 years of professional experience as an art director, illustrator, animator, graphic designer, VFX technician, writer, and web designer. His animation work for Wagner’s Die Walküre (conducted by James Levine and directed by Robert LePage) was shown at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, and his animation work for Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men (written by Joss Whedon, illustrated by John Cassaday, and directed by Neal Adams) was projected onto the side of a building in Union Square at MarvelFest. In 2015, Jayel left a salaried position as an illustrator, animator, VFX technician, and web designer at Neal Adams Continuity Studios to focus on developing Oneshi Press with Lynsey G. Learn more at JayelDraco.com.

Oneshi Press Collaborators working on PACK:

Chris Covelli

A co-creator of Children of Gaia and co-illustrator of COG: War & Horses, Chris Covelli also provides digital pre-visualization for several Oneshi Press projects, including Tracy Queen and PACK. With over a decade of experience in the 3-D animation/VFX industry, Chris has provided freelance professional work on advertisements for American Express, Coca Cola, Crayola, Newsday, and many others. Chris has also done 3-D work on independent films including The Last Winter, Sleep Dealer, and Danny and the Wild Bunch. Currently, Chris works as a Senior Modeler at DHX Media on Nickelodeon’s children’s series Blaze and the Monster Machines. Check out Chris’s online portfolio at polygonpusherinc.com.

Peter Lampasona

The writer of Children of Gaia: War & Horses and the short comic Children of Gaia: Carrying Iron, salesman type Peter Lampasona also provides fight choreography and consultation for several Oneshi Press projects, including Children of Gaia, Tracy Queen, and PACK. Peter is best known for writing about the world of sports, where people harm one another. Peter has contributed to publications such as MMAMania, The Fight Nerd, and US Combat Sports; worked on production for the now defunct Spike TV shows MMA Uncensored Live and the Unrivaled documentary series; appeared in the New York Mixed Martial Arts documentary sporting an, in retrospect, ridiculous haircut; and has a competitive record that really is better than what Google says, due to the officially unofficial nature of amateur sport fighting in New York during his athletic prime.

At the time where all major publishers deemed them an unprofitable and failed product, Peter came up with the brilliant idea to break into the field of graphic novels. He currently lives in New York and totally thinks he’s better than you because of it. Learn more at PeterLampasona.com.

Cardinal Rae

Cardinal Rae (she/her) letterer for PACK 1 – 3, is a letterer and designer who has worked for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dynamite Comics, Oneshi Press, A Wave Blue World, and loads of other comics and comics-related/comics-adjacent things. She frequently works with writers Meredith Finch (Wonder Woman, Rose, Xena) and Erica Schultz (Daredevil, Forgotten Home, Twelve Devils Dancing), and currently letters the Eisner-nominated book Crowded for Image Comics. She has also lettered for Tracy Queen, Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and Children of Gaia. Learn more at comicsprofessionals.com/art-details/cardinal-rae and twitter.com/redbirdletters.

Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba

Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba (he/him) is a freelance comic book page flatter. He has provided flats for a number of Oneshi Press projects including: Tracy Queen, PACK, Children of Gaia, and Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter. Learn more at deviantart.com/flattsquat.

David Gueringer of next Arc Studios and Prod by DMajor

David Gueringer

David Gueringer (he/him) is the writer/composer of the PACK theme song. He’s also composed theme songs for other Oneshi projects including both Mr. Guy and The Zombie Adoption Program’s theme song. He and his team at Next Arc Studios created an audio comic of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act 1 – Arc 1. David is a classically and jazz-trained pianist and clarinetist with over 18 years of performing experience. He takes a musician’s approach in modern composing. Playing in symphonies, orchestras, jazz bands, drum line, and his current band, Doum Sound, David has fostered a love for many styles of music and hands-on experience with playing and structuring a wide range of genres. With the tutelage and expertise of many world-class instructors, including Danny Leake (sound engineer), Dr. Soo Lee (pianist), James Perkins (woodwinds), and many others, he has gained depth in knowledge of performing, composing, and working with audio in a professional setting. Through these influences he creates truly unique audio experiences. Learn more at facebook.com/NextArcStudios, instagram.com/nextarcstudios, and youtube.com/channel/UCMqTqRUl07OJ5IOue9gRAyg/featured.

Jeff Foulsham Art

Jeff Foulsham

Jeff Foulsham (he/him) is the inker for PACK 3: Temperance, the Keatus interview, and PACK 4: Chastity. He graduated from Lock Haven University with a BFA in illustration in December 2018. Since then he has been working as a freelance artist focusing on character design and comic book illustration (he likes inking comics best). He has created his own line of fantasy-genre mash-up comics, and streams their creation along side tabletop games on his Twitch channel. Learn more at foulshamart.com

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Luna, Arne Rodgers, Andy Lynch, Sparkxster+, Rachel O’Brien, Phyllis Ng, John Bromley, Travis Gibb, Charlie Stickney, SwordFire, William Carranza

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Terrance Whitlow, Jana, Gabrielle Borba, Barry Chapman, Jacey Chase, Patrick Eads, Sean Gilbert, Sarah Trexy, James Crowley, Dan Durante, Damien Becton, Lawrence Bell, Enrica Jang, Jennifer Williamson, Elfego Baca, Angeline C. Burton, Jenelle Campion, Paul Jarman, Brenda West, Pink Pitcher, Scott Rosenberg, Kathryn Berghold, Sean Carroll

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James P Schuetter, Eric K., Steffan M.

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Xavier Hart, Charles Greenthorn

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Eric K., Julia Knight, Peter Lampasona, Stealthy, The Creative Fund

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Adam Wolfe Ryder, Angeline Burton, Emily K Miller. GMarkC, Jacey Chase, James P. Schuetter, Jennifer Priester, Karl Walker, Lawrence & Michael Bell, Mark Rhoades, Monica Barner, Monica M, Muggins McGarski, Sarah T-rexy, Travis Gibb

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AKdrones LLC, Eric Bonin, Eli Campbell, edward, Jeff Foulsham, G, Robert Krisch, Tom Leveen, Jesse Keppler, milo, Gary Phillips, ShunnedOwl, Sparkxster +

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Am_Auron, Anonymous, Mihail Braila, Travis Bugler, Sonse Cahuni, Arthur Cas, Cerise Cauthron, Chrysalis, Erin Cooper, Floating Dream, Brandon Eaker, Greg Anderson Elysée, Sherrie the fruitbat, Raymond Griffith, Craig Hackl, Gillian Ivy, Christopher Kranz, Melissa Lawrence, William K. Leung, Nick Mandujano III, Matthias, Russell Nohelty, Prometheus, Chuck Robinson, Elyse Russell, Bruce Shipman, K. Smith, M Sorcier, WD Stancil, Sarah Swanson, Peter Taylor, Giuseppe Lo Turco, Robert L Vaughn, Frosty X. Wolter, Kurt Zauer, Zorbeltuss

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Elfego Baca, Monica Barner, Lawrence LSHBear Bell, Emi ‘The Woofinator’ Diaz, Kaptain Doos, TĂ©a French-Patel, Travis Gibb, David Gueringer, L. K. Ingino, Enrica Jang, S J Jennings, Adrian K. & Eileen M., Jacen Leonard, Muggins McGarski, Emmet O’Cuana, Amy Abugo Ongiri, Ashley M. Orndorff, Pink Pitcher, Heather R R, @randodixonart, Rename, Ronnie S, Adam Wolfe Ryder, THota, Sarah T-rexy, Kasey Walker, Keema Waterfield, Wicked West, HashedZ & Miri

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Elfego Baca, Monica Barner, Lawrence LSHBear Bell, Emi ‘The Woofinator’ Diaz, Kaptain Doos, TĂ©a French-Patel, Travis Gibb, David Gueringer, L. K. Ingino, Enrica Jang, S J Jennings, Adrian K. & Eileen M., Jacen Leonard, Muggins Michel Abstracto, Sunya BR, Siobhan Barry, Jacey Heckin’ Chase, Christopher Holden, Eric Cluck, Comic Book Poser, Mike Connell, Crystal, Parker & Malcolm Curtis, Doc FakeMan, Dwayne Farver, George, Mary, Forrester & Winter, Dorian Graves, Tam J Guy, JasZ, John R Kazanjian, Nystrom, Mark Rhoades, Shervyn, Jeanne Silver, Spyro, Dave Steinborn, Wheels, Pyndan & Roxy Wulffe

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Bonbon :), buttonmashvixen, Laurie Daniels, Gimp daPimp, David Grodsky, Della Kramer, James P. Schuetter

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Colin J Graham

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Sarah Landry, Little bird

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Quiet admirer, Erica Schultz

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