David Gueringer

David Gueringer (he/him) is the writer/composer of the PACK theme song. He’s also composed theme songs for other Oneshi projects including both Mr. Guy and The Zombie Adoption Program’s theme song. He and his team

Cardinal Rae

Cardinal Rae Cardinal Rae¬†(she/her) letterer for PACK 1 ‚Äď 3, is a letterer and designer who has worked for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dynamite Comics, Oneshi Press, A

Jayel Draco

Jayel Draco (he/they) is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and storyteller. Along with Lynsey G, he is the co-founder of Oneshi Press. As the co-creator of the epic sci-fi-fantasy series Children of

Lynsey G

Lynsey G ¬†(she/they), multi-award-winning writerly type, is a co-founder of¬†Oneshi Press‚ÄĒan indie publisher of comics, graphic novels, and illustrated books‚ÄĒalong with Jayel Draco. She is the author of the secks-positive