New Video from Oneshi Press!

Oneshi Press, the publisher of PACK, creates gorgeous, progressive, immersive worlds for readers to explore. So the co-founders of the press, Jayel Draco and Lynsey G, just created a new video to invite viewers into their worlds! Featured prominently are gorgeous art pieces, motion graphics, and motion comics all created by Jayel Draco—including some beautiful moments from PACK (starting at around 1:05)!

The video also invites viewers to become part of the Oneshi Press community by following or subscribing at Patreon. While subscribing at the Oneshi Press Patreon page, fans can opt in to receive personalized rewards for their subscriptions, like letters from characters, 3D art, selfies of characters, and much more!

In addition, the video directs viewers to Jayel Draco’s twice-weekly live-stream at Twitch, where he creates art for Oneshi Press projects twice a week LIVE while streaming and chatting with fans! So remember to sign in on Tuesday or Thursday nights after 5:30 MST to join the fun!

To learn more about Oneshi Press, visit:

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Music by Jack Schell, The Soundweaver

Video editing, animation, and VFX by Jayel Draco

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