One Subscription = Everything PACK!

Do you love dogs but hate crime? Then we’ve got great news for you! With one simple monthly subscription, you can now receive every new comic, every new piece of art, and so much more from the world of the PACK! These vigilante dogs sniff out corruption and put crime under the fang…all at the Oneshi Press Patreon!

No more scouring the internet for release dates. You can forget about keeping up with every fund-raiser! Placing orders? Not even a thing. Now, you can get it all at Patreon!

Why Get a Subscription?

Oneshi Press, the publishing and creative team behind PACK, has relaunched our Patreon! Starting now, the easiest way to get PACK books, art, and more is through this subscription service. As a subscriber, you don’t have to keep track of release dates—all you need is one subscription, and our projects will come to you! Comics collections, standalone comic books, graphic novels, illustrated fantasy books, and more will all come your way when they’re released!

Watch the video above for details, or check out the Patreon page itself.

What’s Changed?

We’ve reduced the number of subscription tiers and simplified each one to make the page easier to navigate. We’re also ramping up the rewards available at each tier so that subscribers can see more clearly what they’re getting. And we’re focusing the Patreon into a subscription model that includes regular deliverables, like digital downloads, printed books, art, and more.

Come check out the new Patreon and discover what subscription level works best for you!

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