“PACK #01: Humility” is funded! On to the stretch goals!

The Kickstarter to fund printing of the first issue of PACK has officially been funded! The writer-and-artist team of Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco (who are also the founders of PACK‘s publisher, Oneshi Press) did a bit of human tail-wagging to commemorate the moment they discovered they’d hit 100%–see the evidence below. And please, feel free to giggle and cringe as much as you like.

Amazingly, there’s still a whole week to go before the Kickstarter wraps up! So the Oneshi Press team decided to add some stretch goals to the campaign. Basically, they want to smoosh even more doggo art into the issue if they’re able to raise enough funding:

  • Stretch Goal #1: If they hit $1,750, they’ll be able to add four more pages to the first issue of PACK! That’s four pages of extra art of Patience and the Dogs of Virtue, including chapter covers and concept art. Together with the cover, that will bring the page count of the first issue up to 32 pages of doggos!
  • Stretch Goal #2: At $2,000, they’ll add eight more pages! They’ll include chapter covers, concept art, and other surprise goodies. At that level, the page count for PACK #01: Humility will be 36 pages, including the cover!

Head to the Kickstarter to help them reach their goals, or spread the word amongst your family, friends, and social media circles!

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