The Dogs Are Back in PACK 3: Temperance!

“PACK 3: Temperance” Is Nearly Here!

It’s been over two years since the last Kickstarter for an issue of PACK—the comic book series about six stray dogs and one stray man who put crime under the fang. Now, it’s time to go back to Brooklyn, where crime is on the rise and only the PACK stands between it and the innocent.

The Kickstarter for PACK 3: Temperance isn’t live yet, but if you’re excited to read about Temperance the tech-enhanced Great Dane… Or if you’re ready to watch a neighborhood on the brink… Or if you’re just excited for more vigilante dogs protecting Brooklyn… You can visit the pre-launch page and follow along!

After following, you’ll be the first to know when the Kickstarter goes live in late July! And you’ll be building hype for the project before it launches, which will helps succeed.

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The PACK Re-Thinks Its Plans…

It was the dark days of summer 2020. PACK’s creators, Lynsey G and Jayel Draco, were in quarantine, hiding from the pandemic while planning the Kickstarter for PACK 3: Temperance.

Then, America erupted into protests over issues that were very familiar. PACK was always meant to touch on important but potentially divisive topics—gentrification, political corruption, police accountability, and systemic racism. Many of the challenges the dogs face are driven by these very real problems.

When Lynsey and Jayel started working on PACK back in the early 2010s, these topics were underrepresented in the media, even considered taboo. So, they outlined the seven issues carefully, building complexity and gently touching on these important matters. Then, last summer, protests and the conversations they inspired swept through mainstream media, shining a spotlight on topics PACK had cautiously explored. 

…Then Springs Into Action

PACK’s creators were thrilled to see progress toward a better America. At the same time, they worried that their careful approach in PACK could now seem cowardly. Perhaps these subjects were too hot. Maybe they should avoid upsetting anybody and just give up on the series.

“Do you love dogs and hate crime?” The hook was so simple. PACK was always meant to be their “easy” project. But now, it felt like the “scary” project at Oneshi Press. Still, the series, story, and characters were important to creators and readers alike.

After many hard conversations, Lynsey and Jayel decided that they couldn’t just abandon these six stray dogs and their stray man. The details woven into this gritty action comic, they realized, were in fact the point of the entire series. These topics needed to be talked about, and PACK was a platform to do just that.  

But, if they wanted to tackle these issues, they had to do it right. So, they edited the script, added to the art, and got feedback from a diverse group of friends, colleagues, and sensitivity readers. Now, they’re nearly ready to Kickstart PACK 3: Temperance. It’s bolder than we’d originally planned, and it’s nearly ready to go. Follow along at the pre-launch page to be in on the new issue from the start!

PACK 3: Temperance coming soon on kickstarter

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