Installment #03 of PACK Is Out NOW!

installment 03 PACK cover by jayel draco

Every three months, Oneshi Press publishes eight pages of PACK in an anthology of short comics. And installment #03 just dropped! Now, 24 pages of everyone’s favorite canine vigilante series are out! Grab them at the Oneshi Press store, in print and e-book!

In these pages, you can learn how Humility the mutt became a one of Brooklyn’s furriest crime fighters. You’ll meet the rooky cop who wants to know them. And peek into the complex layers of politics at play in the city they’re all trying to influence.

Anthology #03

But installment #03 of PACK is just one story among many in Anthology #03. There are also eight pages of Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco’s Tracy Queen, a biochemist, warlord, and porn star. There’s an installment of Lomack, Miguel Colón’s comic about a mutated warrior at the end of the world, too. And a supervillain luring a superhero into a life of crime in “Trouble with a Capital T” by Michael Norwitz and Kevin Sheely. Then “Breaking Point,” a tale of terror and paranoia in deep space, by Christopher Matusiak and Andre Short. It’s all wrapped up by Brendan Rowe and Tom Barton’s “Scripture,” a vision of the far future when humankind needs a hero…or a superhero. There’s also cover art by Akhilesh, guest art by yukidogzombie and Locust Farms, and lettering by Cardinal Rae, Nikki Powers, and Tom Barton. These 64 pages are packed with amazingness.

Other Anthologies

You can get Anthology #03 now in limited-edition paperback or e-book from the Oneshi Press Store. And stock up on the previous two anthologies while you’re there, so you won’t miss a single page of the PACK’s gritty, surprisingly humane story. Every anthology is overflowing with gorgeous art, immersive stories, and progressive ideas from a group of diverse international creators.

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