New PACK Merch at the Oneshi Press Store!

Oneshi Press just combined their art books, comics (like PACK), art prints, and merch into one online store!

Oneshi Press is releasing PACK eight pages at a time in its indie comics anthologies, alongside other stories by amazing, diverse creators from around the world. Nab a copy of each anthology in its limited-edition print paperback version before they sell out!

While you’re at it, shop for PACK-related merch! Want to rock a mug with the Tarmucks logo from Patience’s meetings with James MacHaggert? Rock your PACK the same placepride with a shirt that shows off your masked vigilantism? Tote your stuff in an Oneshi Press bag? Find it all in !

They’re still building the store and learning how it works, so expect more goodies to appear in the coming weeks. Check back often to see what Oneshi Press has been up to.

But for now, check out the store to get your fill of the six stray dogs—and one stray man—who put crime under the fang!

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