“PACK #2: Kindness” Has Arrived!

Wag your tail, because paperback issues of “PACK #2: Kindness” are now available from the Oneshi Press online store! After a successful Kickstarter earlier this year, the second issue of PACK has landed.

More About “PACK #2: Kindness

Each member of this PACK of 6 stray dogs—and 1 stray man—has a story. Are you ready for a little Kindness?

Written by award-winning author Lynsey G. and illustrated by renowned multimedia artist Jayel Draco, with lettering from industry stalwart Cardinal Rae and guest art from Erin Cooper and renamecard, “PACK #2: Kindness” tells the story of Kindness the pit bull. He’s usually sweet and mild, but his occasional outbursts of extreme viciousness tell a tale of trauma, vengeance, and redemption. Kindness was raised as a family dog in a loving home…but the good times didn’t last. Kidnapped and forced to fight for survival, the pittie found his own way out. A PACK of vigilantes took him in, and now he uses the skills he learned in the fighting pit to help them put crime under the fang.

More About PACK

PACK is a 7-part comic book series that tells the gritty tale of vigilante dogs on the streets of Brooklyn, where gentrification is king, corruption runs deep, and the only way to stay safe is to assume everyone is on the take. There’s a blurry line between hero and villain in these dark times, but to the PACK it’s simple: Theirs is the only acceptable violence.

But their vigilantism draws attention from the wrong places. Politicians, city planners, press, and police are closing in, looking to end the PACK’s reign of brutal justice. Soon, one rookie cop must try choose a side before it’s too late…

More About Oneshi Press

Oneshi Press is an independent publishing company based in Missoula, Montana, focused on creating richly illustrated fantasy and sci-fi graphic novels, comics, and art books. Simply put, we make books that give a sh*t, and we’re excited to offer comics, graphic novels, and illustrated books to folks who give a sh*t, too—about the world, the animals and humans who live in it, and the dignity of all involved.

PACK #2: Kindness” is available in print from Oneshi Press! Supplies are limited, so nab your copy today!

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