PACK #2: Kindness Is Out Now on ComiXology!

pack 2 kindness square cover

If you love dogs, hate crime, and enjoy digital comics, then we’ve got great news! PACK #2: Kindness is available now from ComiXology!

More About PACK #2: Kindness

Each member of this PACK of 6 stray dogs—and 1 stray man—has a story. Are you ready for a little Kindness?

Written by award-winning author Lynsey G. and illustrated by renowned multimedia artist Jayel Draco, with lettering from Cardinal Rae and guest art from Erin Cooper and renamecard, PACK #2: Kindness tells the story of Kindness the pit bull. He’s usually sweet and mild, but his occasional outbursts of extreme viciousness tell a tale of trauma, vengeance, and redemption. Kindness was raised as a family dog in a loving home…but the good times didn’t last. Kidnapped and forced to fight for survival, the pittie found his own way out. A PACK of vigilantes took him in, and now he uses the skills he learned in the fighting pit to help them put crime under the fang.

You can read PACK #2: Kindness digitally at ComiXology or Spinwhiz Comics, or order the printed comic from Oneshi Press.

More About PACK

PACK is a 7-part comic book series that tells the gritty tale of vigilante dogs on the streets of Brooklyn, where gentrification is king, corruption runs deep, and the only way to stay safe is to assume everyone is on the take. There’s a blurry line between hero and villain in these dark times, but to the PACK it’s simple. Theirs is the only acceptable violence.

But their vigilantism draws attention from the wrong places. Politicians, city planners, press, and police are closing in, looking to end the PACK’s reign of brutal justice. Soon, one rookie cop must try choose a side before it’s too late…

You can read issues #1 and #2 of PACK digitally at ComiXology or Spinwhiz Comics, or order printed copies of the books from Oneshi Press.

More About ComiXology

ComiXology is a revolutionary, cloud-based digital comics service. With content from over 125 publishers as well as thousands of independent creators from around the world, comiXology provides an unrivaled library of comic books, graphic novels, and more. The company’s first-in-class innovations include the exclusive Guided View technology which provides an immersive and cinematic reading experience and a monthly subscription service.

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