PACK Begins in Oneshi Press’s Quarterly Anthology!

begins pack by jayel draco and lynsey g
Page 01 of PACK!

PACK begins! At last, the first eight pages of the gritty comic about vigilante dogs is now available in the first-ever quarterly comics anthology from Oneshi Press! The print edition is now available exclusively at the Oneshi Press Bookshop!

From the Oneshi Press blog:

Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology #01 is a 40-page collection of sequential art about humble beginnings, contemplative endings, and the adventures in between. It features the first 8 pages of Oneshi Press original stories Tracy Queen and PACK! It’s got the beginning of Miguel Colón’s Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel! It even boasts Tom Swift Bird’s haunting story, “Anthropocene Twilight”! There’s also original artwork from Oneshi Press co-founder Jayel Draco and a bonus 1-page comic from the Oneshi vaults!

Explore 40 pages of immersive, progressive, gorgeous storytelling in full color, printed on high-quality glossy comic book paper! Learn how Tracy Queen began her journey to becoming an iconic independent porn star. Then grapple with what it means to be a hero after nuclear war. Next, witness how the Pack’s newest member—an ill-named mutt—was named “Humility.” Finally, look inside the mind of a soothsayer at the world’s end.

Get your copy of OPQA #01 today, exclusively from Oneshi Press!

ATTN: If you are ordering from outside the United States, please e-mail us at info[at]oneshipress[dot]com so we can calculate your shipping!

Oneshi Press Patreon Subscribers

Members of the Oneshi Press Patreon community get a complimentary copy of the Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology #01. If you’re not a subscriber yet, head to the Oneshi Press Patreon page and sign up at the pledge level that’s comfortable for you. Then we’ll send you an anthology in print or ebook format!

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